Learn how to reconnect with your Signature Energy.

If you were told you only had 6 months to live how would you spend it? Would it be at the job you hate? Would it be in the relationship that you know is unhealthy for you? Would you be holding onto all of that anger from the trauma you experienced as a child?

If you are tired of just existing and are ready to truly LIVE from the heart, then I invite you to sign up for this 11 week course.

Through my own healing, I learned how most of what I was taught was ass-backward. I use to look outside of myself for happiness. I would go to thing to thing, from guy to guy, to food, to being angry at everyone else instead of really owning my own shit!

The moment I learned to let everyone else off the hook and to truly create my own happiness was the moment I became FREE.

From the time we came into this world we have been programmed by our parents, school, the news, religion, etc. I truly believe in my heart that God is pure love, joy, appreciation, bliss. God-Source doesn't want us to suffer, he wants us to live a life of fulfillment and joy.

We come into this world being triggered by all sorts of things and were never taught how to go inside to clear it out.

This course is designed to give you the tools to get out of your own way so that you can live a life of joy and to teach others Self Mastery as well. I AM all things and nothing at the same time… I AM that I AM

If you are ready to get really honest with yourself and take your like to the next level then this is the course for you! It's time to tap into your imagination and creativity and your light shine! What you will learn in this course:

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Learning how to breathe
  • Protecting your energy field
  • How to bless your food and water
  • Life is a mirror looking back at you
  • Gratitude is a field of consciousness

Week 2

  • How to balance your chakras with a pendulum
  • How to balance your masculine and feminine energy
  • How to identify your limited beliefs
  • Learn what a trigger is and how to get to the root cause of it
  • Identify your shadow side

Week 3

  • The Power of Projection
  • Your higher self wants to merge with you - Creating Heaven on Earth which is higher states of consciousness
  • How to talk to your body - Turning Lead into Gold
  • Heal your inner child
  • How to release trapped emotions
  • How to tell if you are being manipulated

  • Week 4

    • Identifying your patterns & family patterns
    • Release thoughts patterns and emotions from your cellular memory
    • Attracting your soulmate/twin flame
    • Identify your core values
    • Letting go of judgement and move into awareness

    Week 5

    • Ascension - Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
    • The Initiation
    • The Dark-knight of the Soul
    • The 17 stages of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth

    Week 6

  • Connecting to Mother Earth
  • The art of detaching
  • The art of forgiveness
  • Learn to be okay with making mistakes
  • How to build your trust muscle
  • Week 7

    • Learning to live in harmony with nature
    • Be in the flow with the river
    • Laws of Attraction - Appreciating the contrast
    • Learn how to be a good friend to yourself and others

    Week 8

    • Karma - What someone does to you is their karma how you respond is yours.
    • Subtle Energy Bodies - Learn to clear cravings, emotion and pain that isn’t yours.
    • Feel the difference between pushing something out and allowing it to leave.
    • Synchronicity

    Week 9

  • How to clear imprints from your home and the things you buy.
  • What is a curse and how to clear them from you.
  • Learn the difference between going on vacation because you are running from your life and traveling to explore the world with fun and curiosity.

  • Week 10

    • How to neutralize the negative effects of the mass consciousness and the astro realm.
    • Astro traveling.
    • How to be in-sync with your higher self.
    • How to listen to source
    • What is a download?

    Week 11

    • How to Detangle yourself from the Matrix
    • We are multi-dimensional beings
    • Learn how to make Quantum leaps by closing down old timelines
    • The importance of discerning
    • Learning to trust even when things don’t make sense

    Bonus Classes

  • Receive a Self Mastery Course Completion Certificate
  • 5+ Guest Speakers
  • Learn about channeling, angelic realms, galactic world, etc.
  • More in depth on Nutrition
  • Starts January 8 - March 21, 2018

    Class is every Monday & Wednesday from 6pm - 8pm (CST). These classes will be on a live webinar. Space is limited. Each person who finishes this course will receive a Self Mastery Certificate. But more importantly, YOU will feel more confident, loving, compassion and understanding.

    11 weeks too long? No problem... Go À la Carte!

    I understand, in todays world life can be so busy. Not everyone has time for 11 weeks of learning. So I have design so mini course that may be for fitting for you.


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