Family Healing

Are you a family in need of deep soul healing? Would you like to enhance the quality of love you share with one another?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: We spend more on weddings, divorces, funerals and things, than we do on healing our family tree and advancing our souls growth.

Family Soul Growth $5000+

You will expereince a 3 days 2 nights of extensive one on one family healing with Nicole. We will explore the deep core wounds of the self and family patterns. You will learn how to release them with love, compassion and understanding. Depending on the location, travel expenses may accure.

Family comes in many forms... Family Soul Growth may consist of friends too. This experience is for 2 - 6 people.

The biggest thing I want people to understand is that each individual is responsible for there own healing. This can not be forced. If you have a family memeber that isn't ready as hard as it may be you'll need to honor that. Your job is to learn how to heal yourself and learn how to allow others to be where they want to be.

My job is to provide a providing a safe haven and a sacred space while remaining judgement free so that I may bring pure unconditional love through your healing experience.

  • 3 Days - 2 Nights
  • Learn how to express in a healthy manor so that you many honor yourself and the other person.
  • Connect with your inner child
  • Use this time to express your hurts in a safe space to the people you love
  • Learn how to look at a family situation from many point of views to heal your role in it
  • One on One personal healing meditation
  • Learn how to bless the energy of your home
  • Understand the power of projection
  • Clarity on your habits and why you do the things you do
  • Identify family patterns and your own patterns
  • And much, much, more

One of the greatest gifts my mom ever gave me was eleven more weeks to get to know her on a soul level before she made her transition to the other side.

Like many families, we too had discords. We may not have always gotten along but when it really mattered we knew how to step up to the plate to support each other.

About a year before my mom got sick I went on a spiritual quest. This quest allowed me to understand on a deeper level why we are carrying our deep wounds and how to heal from them.

As I rose in my vibration, I came up against deep-rooted emotional blocks. I knew some of them were not mine. So I went to my parents’ house. With tears falling down my face I ask them to help me with what I was going through.

I started asking them about the patterns I was seeing and experiencing which allowed us as a family to get really honest about some generational patterns we were all carrying. Together we removed some deep emotional blocks.

I was lucky because not everyone is able to work through deep ancestral wounds with their parents. My parents did their best to understand what I was going through at that time and was open to the process.

A couple months later I was sent to my parent house do to condition out of my control. As my mom and I were talking, I could feel there was something she wasn't letting go of so I asked her. She brought up two traumatic incidences from when I was a child.

Now, before I share this with you it is very important to me that you don't judge her, she was an amazing mom who did the best she knew how to do with the tools she had.

The first incident my mom brought up was when I was 12 or 13 years old. I was mad I had to clean the house for my sisters’ party. I threw a towel down to the laundry room; it accidently knocked over my dads eagle and broke it to pieces. My mom was stressed and lost it on me. She continuously slapped me across the face while screaming at me. That summer I saved all my babysitting money and had to buy my dad a new eagle.

As my mom brought up the incident she said, “I shouldn’t have made you buy your father a new eagle.” I replied with “is that what you think this is about? It’s not that I had to pay for another eagle; it’s about you mad a thing more important than my well-being. She said "I don't doing that to you. I am sorry." “I told her it was okay and that I loved her”.

A couple hours later my mom said “you know I don't remember doing that to you but what I do remember is when you were 16 years old and you hit a parked car when you got home I slapped you so hard you flew over the laundry basket and onto the ground.” I looked at her and I could see her energy change as if that incident was happening right now. She was still holding on tightly those emotions in her cellular memory. I thought to myself; again a thing was more important than my well-being. I realized in that moment I too was carrying a subtle energy of pain in my cellular memory.

A couple days later my mom had her first stroke. Thankfully, I was with her and was able to get her to the hospital. It was like her ego left and she was this incident silly child...she had this sparkle in her eye. I moved in with my parents; to help them so my mom could make her transition out of her house.

I got to see a side of my mom that I never saw before she was no longer angry with me. She appreciated me and I appreciated her. We laughed like two little school girls... it was wonderful. I can hear her now, Nicky, I bet you never thought you'd be doing this with me as I glided the enema tub up her followed by a "don't make me laugh my belly hurts" with laughter following behind.

My mom was and still is a beautiful soul. She had a hard childhood and didn’t know how to transform her pain in a healthy way. All too often we are doing our best to stay clear of what caused us pain instead of trying to understand and heal from it.

All I kept thinking was I wish I would have understood the power of forgiveness sooner. Now, I understand the importance of the quality of love we bring to the people we care for. We find profound freedom when we learn to let go of our pain in a magical loving way.

How do you show up for the people you love?

Are you ready to heal your core family wounds and enhance the quality of love you bring into your life?