Soul to Soul

Healing on a Soul level to release any blocks that are holding you back from being your highest self. We are here to remember who we are. 1Are you ready to reclaim your Mind, Body and Soul?

    The soul to soul process can be preformed in remotely or in person. In this process the healer and the client communicate on a soul to soul level. The healer goes to the Source to bring the message. This process is to get to the root cause of the problem and release anything emotional blocks that are holding you back from living authentically to who you truly are.

    This method goes helps the receiver find the cause of the illness or the root of the situation the receiver is experiencing. It could be from a trauma as a child or in a past lifetime.

    This process helps bring the root of the problem to the conscious level so that you are aware of what the trigger if you choose to resolve it. It helps you learn to listen to your body vs look outside yourself for the answers.

    This healing process awakens the mind and balances the bodies chakras. This is a space of pure love and truth. The best part about this is you get the information you need first hand not what someone is telling you you need.

    People have experienced seeing images of people they may have been mad at in the past. Sometimes a person may continue to circle around over and over again because they haven’t learned the Karmic lesson with that yet. Some clients have seen symbols, colors, images and have heard exactly what they need to do so they that they can release the patterns that keep them repeating the same thing over and over again.

    The healer can go to the Source that opens up a doorway to that the person receiving the healing receives. These messages are not precious just for helping with the health problem the client is experiencing; these messages transcend to the karmic healing. They could be life changing messages, they could be transformational; they bring the inner being to the state of metamorphosis.

    DISCLAIMER. The Soul to Soul process is a powerful healing tool and a complement to conventional medical care. It is not a replacement for medical/mental health therapy and Nicole Pulvermacher is not a medical doctor or licensed therapist. If you choose to use these techniques for any of your own emotional and physical issues, you are taking responsibility for your own well-being and release The Healer's Wings and owner Nicole Pulvermacher of all liabilities for any effects resulting from using The Emotion Code. If you are on medication, do not stop taking it without consulting your physician.