The Healer's Wings Retreats

Are you ready to reconnect with the essence of who you truly are? Are you ready to feel balanced, more relaxed, and have a new outlook on life.

    A full day of fun! Are you ready to connect to your inner guidance, wisdom, and inner strength?

    My name is Nicole Pulvermacher I’m a spiritual facilitator and teacher. I help people reconnect with the essence of who they truly are by teaching them the tools to navigate through a life filled with so much chaos.

    Our foundation is built off the idea of "ONENESS" of ALL life and that everyone has a purpose. Our philosophy is to treat ALL PEOPLE with pure love, compassion, integrity, and understanding. To open our hearts to all those who are ready and able to receive Love and Peace. We will turn no one away for lack of money or choice of their individual beliefs or religious convictions . To teach Self Mastery, Self Empowerment, Self Realization, Personal Transformation, and becoming your Authentic Selves.

    After going through my own healing/awakening process I was able to understand how history keeps repeating itself and designed a workshop to help other people understand as well.

    While helping my clients, I noticed there are 3 roles in a situation. The victim, victimizer and observer. All 3 roles for most situations carry the same trapped emotions which are energetically binding people to the problem. Understanding energy and psychology like I do I could see how the problem was being created which allowed me to design a solution.

    These workshops teach you the importance of meditation, energy, chakras, triggers, beliefs, lower vibrating emotions and more. They are designed to help people see their own patterns that may be keeping them stuck and how to overcome them.

    You will walk away with greater clarity, calmness within your body, along with the tools you need bring balance to your every day life. They are life changing.

    Family/Friends 3 Day Retreat - Ready. Set. Go!

    Pick a cute AirBnB by the water or experince it right out of your own home. Are you ready to stop running away from your problems and start looking within?

    It’s easy to find inner peace when you escape from the world but the true practice is when you come back to your old life. Will you still have inner peace or are you just coming home to the same old problems and life patterns? The escape from life is a temporary bandaid for much bigger issues.

    On my quest of self discovery, I realized I was trying to run from my problems and the emotional vampires that were stealing my energy. What I realized was those people showed back up in my life just with different faces. This is because everything is energy and unless you learn how to protect yourself and clean up your vibration, you will continue to experience it over and over again. Most people go on vacation, move to another city, or jump from one relationship to another to try to escape the dysfunction that is happening in their life. This keeps them stuck in unhealthy patterns.

    I call this poverty consciousness. It has nothing to do with the amount of money in your bank account… There are a lot of wealthy people living in poverty consciousness. It's when you keep looking outside of yourself for what is an inside job. When you keep buying one more thing or eating one more unhealthy cookie. It's time to get to the root of the problem so that the true healing can begin.

    I realized that if you don’t clean up your vibration or life pattern you will continue to repeat it again and again. In fact, we’ve been doing it for generations. Everything is energy and we have been taught to look outside of ourselves to find solutions. My job as a spiritual facilitator and teacher is to give you the tools to look within so you can get to the root of the problem.

    In life we can continue to take the long route or we can say we’ve learned enough and it’s time to make YOU a priority. Are you ready to master true self love? Are you ready to heal the unhealthy ancestral patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation?

    When a nonjudgmental person works with you for three days they are able to have a birds eye view of the life you are living and can better assist you in getting to the root of the problem. During this process you will not only learn about yourself but you will learn unconventional techniques that will bring you to a place of peace and harmony, IF you choose to apply them.

    This is a sacred process and is not for everyone at this time. Some people may think they are ready but their soul knows they are not going to truly honor themselves to do the work. This is a good thing because, if you are not ready for the transformation process, it is extremely important to me not to waste your money or my time.

    This is an investment of a more peaceful life.

    This will serve your highest good, by teaching you how to look within and honor your mind, body and soul in a loving way.

    How it works:

      The key to freedom is self love. Trusting that your higher self has your back. I will teach you how to look within to honor your mind, body and soul in a loving way.

      Do you have a group of people who would like to experience this together? Or maybe your family is in need of help?

      How it works:

      • We will have a short phone consultation to determine if this is a great fit for both of us. I will ask you some questions that will provide me with a better understanding of your current situation so that I know how to best assist you in the transformation process.
      • I will come to your place of gathering while staying in a hotel close by.
      • The first day we will learn meditation techqiues that will help you connect into you heartspace. We will also talk about some life patterns that you'd like to change. It is important to continue your life as normal as possible during this process. I may go with you to work or wait for you to come home from work. This goes on a case by case basis.
      • Each person will receive a personal soul to soul meditation done with me.
      • All travel fees for me are included in the investment package.

      Some of what you will experience:

    • We will go on guided meditations that will help you connect back into your heart space.
    • You will learn about thought-forms and an easy way to release them.
    • You will create your own vision board.
    • You will learn about the shadow side and karmic debt.
    • You will learn a new way to balance your chakras with a pendulum.
    • You will learn about the power of blessings.
    • You will learn about moving up the vibrational scale.
    • You will learn how to release some of the pain that you are holding onto that keeps you disempowered.
    • Most importantly you will learn about yourself and what is keeping you back from a healthy life
    • Maybe your house needs decluttering or rearranging to get the energy flowing in it.
    • Seriously, every person is different...
    • True change is an investment! The best person to invest in is yourself.

      It is important to me that we step away from the computers and back into connections with the people we love. People fully experience this process that enlightens them and raises there vibration. We are a team and we are all in this together.

      As a Laws of Attraction connoisseur I’ve learned that the more you talk about a problem the bigger it gets. These retreats are designed to assist you in the healing process without talking about problem specifics.

      Are you ready to release the lower vibrating emotions of shame, guilt, anger, and fear? Are you ready to stop feeding the ego so you don't go into victim mode?

      I will share some of my most vulnerable moments with you, as they have no power over me anymore. I AM the example of what it looks and feels like to free yourself from the ego, shame, guilt, anger, and heartbreak.

      Through love, compassion and understanding, together we will go on a healing journey to more clearly understand the process of how we got here. It is a safe space.

      You will walk away with a new outlook on life. This retreat experience you will learn some valuable tools to continue the process in reconnecting with your inner child. Together we will spark the violet flame within your heart.

      It is time to honor all parts of you. It is time to break away from the chains that have been holding you away from God's Love, which is Self Love. Are you ready to bring back your inner child? Are you ready to remember what true love feels like?