Healing in Parallels

Healing the Wounds of the Shadow Side

Have you ever been asked to do something that you knew was much greater than yourself? That is where I am at today. For the past 10 years I've been on a spiritual quest in self discovery and healing.

Throughout the years I've been receiving guidance from above on what direction I should move in for my soul's purpose, over the past few years the voice has gotten louder and louder. In June of 2016 I was asked to serve in a way that was much bigger than myself. I was given a choice because on earth we have free will and I chose to accept it. Since then the messages have been coming at an accelerated rate and the journey towards healing people in large groups of parallels began so that we may create peace on earth as it is in heaven. Heaven is a state of mind.

At first it started with a request of helping police officers and victims of police abuse, then it was women who have had abortions, miscarriages or their child died shortly afterwards. The messages kept coming. Then one day they asked me to help with children who had been sexually abused and their abusers. Honestly, I kept saying no to that one until one day a young man walked in my office and as we were talking about what I had been receiving he asked me what about the children who had been sexually abused and their abusers? I looked at him and said funny you should ask that, they (the collective concousiness) keep asking me to do that and I keep saying no. He replied with but that is what takes the innocence of a child. I immediately thought of my grandson and in that moment I said yes, I will do it.

Are you ready to embrace your shadow side so that you are no longer bound to the past? Are you ready to release all the shame, guilt, judgement and anger that is keeping you from truly loving yourself? Let’s face it we’ve all done some things in our lives that we weren’t proud of, right? In order break free and move forward we need to forgive so we can release what is holding us back.

Forgiveness is a release of resistance from the heart. It is not saying that what was done was okay, but rather it is acknowledging that you no longer have to carry the things that no longer serve you. Forgiveness teaches you the art of letting go. Forgiveness teaches you to see yourself in one another, to not judge but to understand. Forgiveness teaches you to learn to live from the heart, not from the ego, and to align with who you really are meant to be – love, light, and positive energy.

Over the past 42 years of my life I have faced and overcome much adversity. It was through these experiences that I was able to create peace in my heart and to learn to lead with love, compassion, and understanding by removing all judgments. I learned to feel with my heart and see life through my soul’s perspective, and now as I look back I can see clearly that it was preparing me for something much greater than myself…

It was through my experience as an Emotion Healer, that I became aware that the emotions causing the victim’s pain are the same emotions as the abuser’s pain. Each retreat will be helping people heal in parallels - it is important to restore balance because we are all one with the universe.

Example: Each retreat will be focusing around a specific traumatic event.

  • Victims or family members of police abuse and police officers or veterans
  • Victims of domestic abuse and the abusers
  • The person who was cheated on and the person did the cheating
  • The person who was given up for adoption and the person who gave your child up
  • Women who have had miscarriages, abortions, and children dying shortly after birth
  • Victims of child abuse and the child abusers

I understand that forgiveness is a choice and that not everyone is ready to forgive at the same time. However, imagine pairing up with someone who was in the same role as someone who has caused you pain and vice versa. Imagine energetically and emotionally feeling that their pain was matching yours. Imagine the beauty in freeing yourself from the pain. Imagine honoring your soul and taking your life back. Imagine releasing limited beliefs that are no longer serving you.

When we hold onto lower vibrations of emotions they create pain in our bodies that in return can not only cause us illness, but can also keep us linked energetically to the abuse that has happened, which in return repeats generation after generation.

It is time to stop judging and to start understanding. It is time to transform. Transformation can be a beautiful process if you are ready. It is a celebration of life.

It is time to come together. It is time to heal our hearts. I ask you to open your wings and fly with me. Together, we can create miracles.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sending you lots of love and light.

In deep gratitude, Nicole